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Man, you've really improved since Paranoia! This track is definitely one of your best if not the best. Though, I do have something more to say.
That bass in the verse is very nice, it really gives the verse some C H O N K. The melody is quite good and the arp accompanying it is really nice and bouncy. Now here's the first actual improvement I see compared to the rest of your songs - the build-up isn't overpowering the drop.
Yes, you finally made a build-up that isn't more powerful than the drop and is actually weaker than the said drop. That (and the little pause with just the melody before the drop) makes the drop feel much more powerful. Now, the drop is good, but I would delete the arp from it because I think that it makes the drop feel kinda silly(though that's probably just a preference thing).
The break before the second build-up is great, I have nothing else to say about it. The bass at the beginning of the 2nd drop kinda sounds arhythmic. I think that could be fixed by just adding some rides or a cowbell (following the 4-on-the-floor pattern).
Other than that, everything is, at least in my opinion, quite perfect. You've done quite a good job, m8!

AlienNinjaGD responds:

thanks so much man! literally helpful. the only thing i dont agree with is for the arp lol - i mean its here just to fill space, sounded pretty empty without it imo.

1:30 woah, i was not expecting that at all! Also the added drums at the verses are very interesting. You did quite a good job :)

DJ-LuigiSound2 responds:

Thanks <3

Oh man, those growls are very nice!

DJ-LuigiSound2 responds:

Thanks :D

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